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About us

is one of the major European gaming arcades operators
with 20 years of history

worldwide gambling investments

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Is one of the major European gaming arcades operators with 20 years of history

Ritzio International stands for recognized brand, outstanding customer service, profitable strategy & leadership. Its gaming venues are primarily small and medium-sized properties located in urban areas throughout the Europe. Stable gaming network provides thousands of visitors with flexible access to a growing portfolio of gaming venues, entertainment services and strict standards of quality and safety.

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Back than 20 years ago Ritzio International started its European expansion and has chosen main profitable markets as strategic hubs for gaming network development.

Diversity of national markets

United by high corporate branding and operational standards, Ritzio’s venues differ in size, gaming portfolio and services selection. This diversity is determined by the specifics of each national market. But across all its brands, various venue formats and geographic markets Ritzio provides its customers with a variety of top-quality gaming and entertainment services which meet and exceed customer expectations

gaming venues

gaming venues

The Mission of the Ritzio International is to bring pleasure to people of different social and national backgrounds. The diversity is determined by the specifics of each national market, geographical mentality and culturological picture of the world. Across its multiple brands, venue formats and geographic markets, Ritzio meets customer expectations.

key to success

Strategy, reputation & engagement

Ritzio strives for leadership in all segments of its business. Key aspects for Ritzio’s success are ambitious targets, profitable business-model and well-defined strategic development activities. Along with aggressive market entry and ongoing development, this has ensured Ritzio’s strong position in every market it enters.

  • Recognized brand & stable international network

    The power of an international brand “Vulkan”, high standards and wide gaming portfolio allow us to build long-term relationships with our customers, employees and partners. Besides our operational strength and transparency protect and enhance the company’s reputation.

  • Strategic countries & market shares

    For the investment strategy Ritzio has chosen markets, known for their well-established and high-potential gaming industry, what allowed us to build the 2nd largest network in Croatia and the 5th largest in Germany.

  • Corporate governance & profitability

    Year by year Ritzio International demonstrates financial stability and steady income. International standards of corporate governance and access to capital allow the company to maintain a dominant position in existing markets and to achieve success in new ones. We continually reposition our assets to drive profitability improvements and to better serve our customers and investors.

  • Optimization & local engagement

    Forehanded business optimization, adaptation according native business climate, monitoring of legislation and procedural fairness with regulators show market share retention and outstanding revenue despite of constant world changes.



Ritzio strives to move towards better performance and its strategic approach includes the following

Business opportunities & partnership

Ritzio International continues to expand in various jurisdictions and continuously seeks new business opportunities and partnerships


Learn more about our local performance

Here you can read about any changes in our local operations and follow us.

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entertainment is_our business
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