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Belarusian market
as ideal cumulative platform

Attractivity of this country is appreciated both by investors and gamers of all European and Eastern European countries

Ritzio entered the Belarusian market in 2007 with its main brand “Vulkan”. Due to company's international operations experience, Ritzio rapidly joined the market despite of stringent legislative requirements, prescriptions and norms forward to gaming business itself, and also to premises and equipment and still keeps up with competitive market.

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In Belarus Ritzio is represented by our key-brand “Vulkan” in its main version, well-known in Eastern Europe for many years.

The network is not only designed, but also equipped and managed in a strict accordance with Ritzio’s requirements and prescriptions, those including comfortable and fresh interiors, modern machines and a selection of quality entertainment services.

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  • photo of place
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geography & network

Minsk as international capital for gaming business

Minsk attracts both locals and gamers from abroad due to its casino and gaming opportunities.

Back than in 2007 Vulkan as multinational and successful Eastern European brand spread its network across Belarus very fast and achieved country-wide regional expansion. Today our venues are Strategically located in 12 largest cities and in the capital of Belarus. Our urban Vulkan-themed network operation focuses primarily on small and medium size gaming segment based urban areas.

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Belarus map The Belarusian gaming industry is concentrated in Minsk. One third of the total number of venues in the country are based in Minsk. This convenience and closeness to capital’s leisure areas, shops, snack bars and restaurants makes gaming more attractive both for residents and for tourists. This attracts local gaming operators and investors from abroad. All competitors continue to work on attracting players from other countries. Competition has intensified not only with casinos in Belarus, but also in Lithuania and Latvia. Another significant point for the Belarusian gaming and gambling market is the ban on casinos in Russian Federation in 2009. All four Russian gambling zones are far enough from Moscow and the distance to Minsk is just over 700 km.
Our guests can visit our separate Belarusian website to find the nearest gaming location, new openings and actual raffles.

service & facilities

Solid reputation for favorable market

In Belarus “Vulkan” is recognized as steady-going and reliable Eastern European brand, strong enough to live through competitive conditions

An additional reputation among guests is brought by the fact, that Vulkan is well-known among gamers not only at home, but also far abroad: our network is located in other European countries and ensures quality and care according to international standards. Over 10 years of operation, the Vulcan gaming clubs have received many good reviews and recommendations from both residents and guests of the city.

  • Comfortable &
    stylish interiors

    we strive to equip cozy place for relaxation and entertainment

  • Modern gaming &
    slot machines

    we value only best quality entertainment facilities and services

  • Attractive bar &

    we strive to provide our guests with comfort and best relaxing moments

  • Special parties &

    we invite our guests to relax and to enjoy our entertaining evenings

  • Regular raffles &

    we perform regular activities in our best locations

Our network Vulkan is designed, equipped and managed in strict accordance with Ritzio’s requirements and standards. Vulkan network uses licensed software, complies with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Belarus, which indicates the high level of our clubs. All these make thousands of people visit Vulcan clubs every day.

compliance & GR

Strict regulations for fear competition

Belarusian gaming ang gambling industry is known as well-established and at the same time strictly regulated by the state.

  • Republic of Belarus is known for its strict rules, prescriptions and order. The legislation puts stringent requirements, prescriptions and norms forward to gaming and gambling business itself, to premises and equipment. Operating companies are experiencing serious competition. As before, some of the best conditions for playing in the World have been created in Belarus.

  • Casinos and gaming are allowed countrywide. This fact leads to huge market offer. The number of venues exceeds the required number, so there is an imbalance in the supply-demand link. This leads to high competition in the land-based segment. Gambling establishments without development and modernization are a thing of the past. They were replaced by new market sharers. Everyday Belarusian competitors face new challenges and fight for their guests. In this way Belarus represents a competitive market and every market participant cares for its reputation.

  • Ritzio is fully-compliant with current regulations, operates in strict accordance with legal business norms, satisfies requirements of Belarusian law, meets all industry standards, what ensures stable revenues and market positions. Vulkan network uses licensed software, complies with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Belarus, which indicates the high level of our clubs. Part of the audience focuses on strength of Vulkan-brand and on its international reputation. This fact enables us to operate in serious competitive market conditions.


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